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Safety Certificates

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

A consultation launched on 1 February 2010 invites interested parties to comment on a proposed new form of less directive safety certification based on risk assessments and the production and implementation of an operations manual by ground management.

risk-assessment-scoring-matrixIn effect it is proposed to bring Safety Certificates in line with other areas of public safety, such as fire safety. The requirements will be more overtly based upon a series of risk assessments and operations manuals. This leaves the initiative and the responsibility with stadium management, enabling them to tailor requirements more closely to their particular needs and circumstances.

Comments from interested parties are to be submitted by Monday 3rd May 2010.

Safety Certificates will be placed on the agenda at the AGM to be held at Leicester Tigers on Wednesday 24th March. It may well be that we as an association decide to become involved in the consultation process, or clubs may wish to take the initiative and submit individual proposals. Either way it would be useful if members could view the attached link prior to the AGM so that an informed discussion can be initiated.

An item has been placed on the forum for discussion

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