Rules of The Rugby Union Safety Association

Our Constitution

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Monday, 11 April 2016

1. Name.

  • The association shall be known as the Rugby Union Safety Association or such other name as the voting members may decide at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

2. Objectives of the Association.

  • To maintain and seek to improve safety at Premier Rugby,  Championship League National League One Rugby Union grounds, and UKnational stadiums where professional rugby union is played.
  • To ensure the performance and training of stewards at all affiliated grounds attains a common, consistent and acceptable standard.
  • To liaise with local and central government on issues affecting safety at Rugby Union clubs.
  • To enhance the status and develop the expertise of Safety Officers and Stadium Managers at affiliatedRugbyUnion clubs.
  • To support members and their organisations to achieve common standards and promote best practice throughout the game in accordance with safety requirements and legislation.

3. Membership and Constitution.

  • There will be four categories of membership:-
  1. Full Membership – Current Safety Officers, Stadium Managers and their nominated deputies And Safety Advisors at Premier Rugby, Championship League, and National League One Rugby Union grounds, and UK National Stadiums where professional rugby union is played. (A Safety Advisor is somebody that has attained or is working towards the NVQ Level 4 and is affiliated to an RFU Club)
  2. Affiliated Membership – At the discretion of the Association, this may be open to those who fall outside the definition of Full Members but whose membership may bring advantages to the Association or the respective member, in terms of Rugby Union Club safety.
  3. Honorary President – Awarded to a member considered to have given the Association exemplary service. Such an award to be given approval by members at the Annual General Meeting
  4. Life Member - Awarded to a member considered to have given the Association outstanding service. Such membership to be given approval by members at the Annual General Meeting (The number of Life Members the Association shall have at any one time shall be at the discretion of the Committee.)
  • Membership may be granted at the discretion of the committee or at any General Meeting of the Association to any person eligible under these rules and constitution.

4. Voting.

  • Only Full Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Association on the basis of one vote per eligible club.
  • In the absence of any Full member being present at General Meetings a proxy vote may be tendered in respect of any election or previously nominated resolution, on the basis of one vote per club, provided it is in writing and received by the Secretary two days before the meeting.

5. Committee.

  • Full members shall at the Annual General Meeting elect a committee of seven persons to include a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, an area rep for north, south and midlands (3)

  • Only full members shall be eligible to fill these positions and those elected officers shall have the power to co-opt anyone onto the committee, or working groups reporting to the committee, if they are able to fulfil a special purpose.

  • Each elected officer shall offer themselves for re-election on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting unless requested to stand down before that time by at least a two thirds majority of members at other Association meetings.

  • The persons elected shall normally remain a committee member until the close of business at the Annual General Meeting following their appointment.

  • The committee will meet as 6 below, para 1

6. General Meetings.

  • There will be a minimum of three meetings per year.  One of the three meetings will be held in March and will be designated the Annual General Meeting of the Association.  There will be also a minimum of two further committee meetings, which the chairman may designate as open to all members full and /or affiliated(see 5 above)

  • The Annual General meeting will only be validated if a quorum or more are present.  A quorum will consist of ten members including the committee.

  • At the Annual General Meeting either the Treasurer or Secretary can deputise for the Chairperson with the approval of members present, if a quorum, where the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson are unavailable through unforeseen circumstances.

  • The Treasurer will present a statement of accounts and balance sheet for the previous year at the Annual General Meeting.


  • The Association may appoint competent auditors at each Annual General Meeting and all relevant books, accounts, receipts and other documents will be available to the appointee as soon as possible after the year-end.


  • Resolutions for the Annual General Meeting, duly proposed and seconded by members entitled to vote at meetings must be submitted to the Secretary, in writing, at least ten working days prior to the meeting where they are to be discussed.

  • The Chairperson shall decide whether any vote taken shall be by way of a show of hands or ballot.

  • The Secretary will, within 14 working days of the Annual General Meeting and committee meetings forward minutes of the meeting to all members by way of inclusion in website.

  • The Principal framework of the Annual General Meeting will be used as a framework for each committee meeting.

7. Subscription.

  • The subscription for each class of membership will be set on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions have to be paid before each Regional meeting following the Annual General Meeting and the Committee have the right to suspend any Full or Affiliated member who is in breech of this requirement.

Subscriptions are as follows:

  • Full or Affilliated member - £25.00 per annum
  • One additional club member - £15.00 per annum
  • There is no charge for Life Membership
  • There is an initial, non refundable joining fee of £5.00.

8. Resignation and Expulsion.

  • Any member may resign at any time by writing to the Secretary and there will be no refund of membership or joining fee but should a replacement be appointed by the club the outstanding fees will be honored.
  • Any member can be expelled from the Association should any evidence come to light that they are not upholding the principles of modern safety management. Expulsions will only be made after a meeting of the committee and any expert advisors have considered the evidence.
  • Expulsion of a member will be in writing and will provide brief information on the reason for the expulsion. Expelled members will receive no refund of fees paid.
  • Expelled members have a right of appeal to a commission, consisting of three members of the Association, appointed by the committee to hear the appeal.

9. Treasurers Report.

  • The Treasurer will present his report at the Annual General Meeting.

10. Extraordinary General Meeting.

  • An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the discretion of the Chairperson with the agreement of the majority of the committee.

Adopted: June 2005

Amended: March 2007, March 2008, March 2010, March 2012, April 2016

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