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Result of trial at Bristol Crown Court re fireworks display

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Tone Turner
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Sunday, 11 January 2015

On Tuesday 10 December 2013 Mr Justice Simon ruled Mr Counsell had "no case to answer" following an application from the defendant's barrister at the halfway point in the trial.

m5-taunton-crashCrash Scene on the M5 Motorway

geoffrey-counsell-the-accused-at-the-taunton-rfc-fireworks-trialGeoffrey Counsell

He said the prosecution's case was "heavily weighted" on "hindsight" and there was not sufficient evidence to show that Mr Counsell ought to have foreseen that smoke from the display could have drifted and mixed with fog to create thick smog.

"I have therefore concluded that the evidence is such that the jury cannot continue in these circumstances and it is my duty to stop the trial and order an acquittal," he added.

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