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Are you engaged in rugby union safety and security as a Safety Officer a Deputy or Assistant Safety Officer?

Do you know the procedures to follow if you were employed as a safety officer?


Welcome to the members area of the new RUSA website.. Our Members’ Area is a private area of the site for use by RUSA members only. It contains a great deal of information supplied by RUSA members for the benefit of other members. The information is free to use but the RUSA stresses that some may be sensitive and should, at all times, remain for the eyes of RUSA members only.

security-notice-cameras-recordingWhen you become a member of the Rugby Union Safety Association you gain access to likeminded experienced people expanding your networking opportunities with people willing to share experiences and resources keeping the game of rugby union safe. Members of the Rugby Union Safety Association create safe and enjoyable conditions for all rugby spectators providing trusted advice and guidance to the clubs that we represent.

Access to our interactive members only forum and library of safety related documents is accessible by having an account and logging into the site. Once logged in members will be able to access these features through the members tab at the top of the page.

Our aims and objectives are to seek to improve safety at professional rugby union grounds and stadiums within England and The United Kingdom. We would like to improve the performance and training of rugby club stewards. Our Members liaise with local and central government on Safety issues affecting Rugby Union clubs and The Rugby Football Union. We would like to see continual development of our members who are Rugby Union Safety officers developing addditional professional skills and expertise. Achieving this aim whilst supporting members and their organisations to achieve hi-levels of common safety standards.

The Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 brought about the designation of stadia with a capacity of 10,000 or more. All designated stadia require to have a valid safety certificate and in addition require to obtain a special safety certificate in order to hold other public events, such as concerts, at the stadium.


The Building Control Team can review the following items during an inspection and comment on:

    • Safe Capacity
    • Safety Management
    • Stewarding
    • Structures and Components
    • Circulation General
    • Exit routes unobstructed
    • Controlled Ingress
    • Stairs / Ramps
    • Concourses & Vomitories
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Barriers
    • Seating Accommodation
    • Standing Accommodation
    • Disabled Facilities / Areas
    • Fire Safety
    • Communications
    • Electrical / Mechanical
    • Medical Provision, First Aid
    • Media Provision
    • Tidiness

Our Members as The Sports Ground Management Team must ensure public safety is maintained and that defective infrastructure does not place crowd safety at risk.


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