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Sunday, 11 January 2015

twickenham-rugby-stadium-sports-ground-seatingWhy Safety at Sports Grounds and Stadiums

Following high profile problems at football stadiums Ibrox stadium had a stand collapse allowing 100's of supporters to fall distances of up to 40 feet, the fire at Bradford City which consumed one side of the Valley Parade football stadium, followed by the Hillsborough disaster in April 1989 where football fans were crushed sports ground safeties profile was raised. This led in football to the creation of an independant public body called the Football Licensing Authority(FLA). In 2011 the Football Licensing Authority was transformed into the 'Sports Ground Safety Authority' in an attempt to ensure that all spectators regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, disability, or the team that they support are able to attend sports grounds in safety, comfort and security.


Responsibility for the safety of the spectators lies at all times with ground management at all clubs

Becoming A Member of The Rugby Union Safety Association

When you become a member of the rugby union safety association (RUSA) you join a very unique and individual group. The members of the association are all involved at the top levels of Rugby Union Safety looking after Twickenham and all of the major rugby clubs in the country.


Becoming a member of the Rugby Union Safety Association allows you to share best practices, network with other safety officers, enhance the role of the safety officer to promote the role within rugby union, this can be in our interactive forum, over the phone or in person

Membership Benefits

  • The oppotunity to share and benefit from the experience, expertise and knowledge of members.
  • Wealth of knowledge amongst committee members.
  • Documents can be shared between members.
  • A greater understanding of best practice.
  • The opportunity to have personal and I/T access to other members and committee.
  • Understanding standards laid down by premier rugby , RFU, lower leagues.
  • Insight into premier league clubs match day running.
  • Insight into local Authority workings concerning safety at sports grounds.
  • Friendship.
  • Understanding safety at all levels.
  • Updates on rule changes though out leagues
  • The opportunity for you to add information about your club


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