About The Rugby Union Safety Association

About The Rugby Union Safety Association

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Tuesday, 05 July 2022

The Rugby Union Safety Association


The Rugby Union Safety Association (RUSA) was formed in June 2005.

RUSA membership comprises of Safety Officers, Deputy Safety Officers, Safety Advisors and Stadium Managers from Premier Rugby, Championship League and National League One. The aims of the Association are: -

    • To maintain and seek to improve safety at Premiership, Championship League and National League One Rugby Union grounds.
    • To ensure the performance and training of stewards at all affiliated grounds attains a common, consistent and acceptable standard.
    • To liaise with local and central government on issues affecting safety at Rugby Union clubs.
    • To enhance the status and develop the expertise of Safety Officers Stadium Managers and safety advisors at affiliated Rugby Union clubs.
    • To support members and their clubs to achieve common standards and promote best practices throughout the game in accordance with safety requirements and legislation.

There will be a minimum of three meetings per year.  One of the three meetings will be held in March and will be designated the Annual General Meeting of the Association.  There will be also a minimum of two further committee meetings, which the chairman may designate as open to all members full and /or affiliated.

RUSA provides an excellent forum for debating current issues affecting both stadium management and safety, as well as with guest speakers.

It has participated with the RFU, in responding to various legislative proposals affecting the sport and other significant documents such as the Green Guide. Coupled with this the Association has actively contributed to the development of the PRL minimum standards document in matters relating to safety.

There are four categories of membership:-

      1. Full Membership – Current Safety Officers, Stadium Managers and Safety Advisors and their nominated deputies at Premiership, Championship and National League One Rugby Union grounds. (A Safety Advisor is somebody that has attained or is working towards the NVQ Level 4 and is affiliated to an RFU Club)
      2. Affiliated Membership – At the discretion of the Association, this may be open to those who fall outside the definition of Full Members but whose membership may bring advantages to the Association or the respective member, in terms of Rugby Union Club safety.
      3. Honorary President – Awarded to a member considered to have given the Association exemplary service.
      4. Life Member - Awarded to a member considered to have given the Association outstanding service.

Only Full Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Association on the basis of one vote per eligible club. 


Details payment information, complete when membership application approved and contact jack Russell for bank details/arrangements

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